The Handyman Hotline is a fresh and unique interactive call-in (or e-mail) radio show on WXTK with four goals:

1.) deliver helpful information when it comes to the home;

2.) answer callers’ questions about specific problems they have;

3.) serve as a conduit between listeners so they can share tips and ideas;

4.) have a few laughs along the way!

The Handyman Hotline serves a number of different groups of people across Cape Cod, the islands and over the bridges:

  • The homeowner – The Handyman Hotline is a valuable resource for homeowners with questions and concerns involving projects of all sizes and/or problems that need attention at their homes.
  • The contractor – The Handyman Hotline is a wonderful vehicle for learning and sharing tips on home improvement.
  • The sponsor – The Handyman Hotline provides an opportunity for construction and home improvement related businesses to reach their targeted demographic – the homeowner with disposable income who may currently be in the midst of, or planning, a home remodel, addition or simple fix. Unlike musical programming, listeners of The Handyman Hotline are actively listening, not only to the content of the show but also the content of the commercial breaks.


The format of the show features hosts Larry Egan and NARI certified remodeler John O’Rourke answering callers’ questions, offering timely seasonal tips and often including expert guests focusing on questions specific to a home-related topic. However, it goes much deeper than that.

The Handyman Hotline is also an audio resource guide for the homeowner, providing access to local, reputable businesses to help them make improvements to and/or solve problems in their homes. It’s not “the help continues after this break.” It’s “the help continues during this break.”


Larry Egan –

A long time broadcaster in the Cape and Islands area, Larry brings with him a combination of experience in both broadcasting and construction. A licensed home improvement contractor and construction supervisor, Larry grew up in a family of builders, from his general contractor father and engineer sister, to his architect uncle as well cousins who are home builders, electricians and job site foremen.

“I was born with a hammer in one hand,” Larry laughs, “and a splinter in the other!” One of Larry’s first jobs was on the framing crew that converted the old Cotuit Inn to condo units.

When the radio bug bit, Larry went to work for WMVY on Martha’s Vineyard. He would frame houses during the day for Rosbeck Realty and Sound Builders and work the 10pm-2am shift on the air. In 1998, Larry arrived at Cool 102 in Hyannis, and it was during his time there that he had the idea for a homeowner call-in show.

“There was nothing like it on the air,” Larry recalls, “a talk show that serves a purpose to homeowners, and doesn’t just go on and on with political hatred for the other side of the aisle.”

The problem was WXTK was owned by another broadcasting company, so Larry sat on this idea for a few years until the day that Qantum Communications bought WXTK and WCOD. “I’ve got an idea for a show…” and the rest is history.

John O’Rourke – 

This is the spot where we’ve put a not-so-subtle reminder that John O’Rourke needs to get his life history on here pronto!


WXTK is a 50,000 watt radio station that’s a ratings monster – 50,000 weekly listeners tune in to the “news leader.” The tower is centrally located in West Yarmouth. Its location guarantees excellent coverage of Cape Cod, the Islands, and well beyond the bridges.

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