This Year I’m Going To…

With the new year, come the resolutions. Those well meaning, if over reaching, goals to better oneself. The same ones that many times end up broken, shattered beyond all recognition in a pile next to your brand new Bowflex/garment hanging device that leaves you feeling worse about yourself than when you started. What about looking at it from a different angle? Instead of worrying about how to improve yourself, how about trying to improve something else, and in the process, you just might be improving you.

Here’s an idea where you don’t need to look any further than the comfy confines of your own home: It is your home. Why not make a pact with yourself to improve the state of affairs around the house? When was the last time you painted? Sure, it’s a well-known fact that a fresh coat of paint is the most economical way of making over any room. It’s the renewed sense of enjoyment you get from the color makeover that will make you appreciate your home more. It’s a sure way of curing the “Ho-Hums” that eventually creep in when you’ve been staring at the same colored walls for years. If you’re not careful, the “Ho-Hums” can develop into the “Blahs”, and from the “Blahs” it’s just a short ride to “Disdain-ville”. You know you’ve reached the end of the line when someone in the house cries out, “I hate this house! I just want to sell it and move somewhere new!” If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, what do you think 256 ounces will get you? That’s the amount of ounces in two gallons of paint, and it might help keep you from having to pack up your entire life just because someone is sick of “Autumn Sunrise” on the walls of the living room.

Now that you’ve chosen to better the home, you have the ability to improve yourself. There’s a workout hidden in here somewhere. Just don’t try to think of it that way. Stay laser focused on the task at hand, and the exercise is in the process. What? Do you think those brushes and rollers are going to work themselves? Those sore muscles at the end of the day are a testament to the calories burned, and they’re salved by the sense of accomplishment of a job well done.

Let’s face it. Improving oneself doesn’t stop at the body. Enhancing the view you have of yourself can go a long way in the way you look at the outside world. The gratification you’ll get when you can say, “I did that” can develop an improved sense of self-respect. As they say, if you can’t respect yourself, who will?

Once you’ve knocked a job off the list of things you’d like to do around the house, your newly empowered self might say, “What’s next?” You may be looking to step up the difficulty level a bit. What about a chair rail? Changing the tired old trim around the doors and windows? Upgrading to baseboard trim? Did someone say Wainscotting? The internet is an amazing tool to use, and there are countless videos that’ll walk you through just about any job step-by-step. You might even want to watch them before you begin a task to see if it’s something you’re ready to tackle. I know of this little radio show that you could call with questions as well (Hint: you’re on it’s website right now). All I suggest is you don’t shut down too quickly with, “I can’t do that.” If you get in over your head, you can always call a local contractor to pick up where you’ve left off…there’s a list of terrific ones on the right hand side of this page if you’re on Cape Cod or the islands. Keep an open mind, be open to a challenge, and you just might surprise yourself. Expand your abilities, and you’ll have a new feeling of confidence. With confidence comes strength – a strength that can’t be found in any Bowflex machine, but an inner strength that will give you the courage to finally overcome those things that had you feeling down about yourself in the first place…like putting away those clothes hanging on the damn Bowflex machine!


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